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New opportunity for Lambeth community “Training 4 Improvement”

Our organization has previously delivered an Awards for all project “Youth Alive” which impacted on the community of LAMBETH and people we serve. The project for which we just have been funded “Training 4 improvement” is our current project that is moving people from inactivity to activity. The overall aim of the delivery is to improve the self-confidence, self-esteem and employability skills of people mainly from BMER backgrounds supporting them to access employment and training opportunities. English is a key concern as many speak little English enough to be able to find work so we will provide weekly sessions alongside the rest of the delivery.


Do not throw away your old computer because it can be someone else new computer. Our services exist because of the computers you donate. By selling them we are able to achieve our objectives and aims. Last year we were able to repair, refurbish and sell around 800 computers, desktops and laptops

We Promote

Promoting the youth welfare remains among the top priorities of Farescen in extending official development assistance.

We Provide

We provide moral and spiritual support by counselling families in all king of domestic issues (i.e. violence, gang, sexe offender, drug and abuse).

We Organise

We organise annual special events, workshops and group talks to bring an awareness on domestic problems and youth issues.

We Care

We care for the disable young people who are considered to be at higher risk of disability and also care for the disadvantaged families.