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A place where every family is safe!!!

Our Workshops

 Allowed the young people and the staff to share a common framework and language.

 Help the participants to achieve their great potentials.

 Increased young people’s self-confidence and their perception of themselves as leaders.

 Improved both youth and adults’ ability to deal with internal conflicts and collaborate more effectively.

 Made both the organization and the youth more successful in achieving their day to day vision.

About Family Restoration Centre

Family Restoration Centre is a non-profit organisation and a UK registered charity that seeks to bridge the digital canyon among disadvantaged communities. Family Restoration Centre recognises that access to information holds the key to the empowerment of marginalised people, particularly youth and women. The vision of Family Restoration Centre is to foster the integration of disadvantaged youths and families, support disabled especially those with autism, facilitate the integration of each marginalised family, reduce unemployment, homeless and create self-sustaining communities by providing marginalised people in poor communities with the technology tools, training and resources to enable them to realise their greatest potential. In United Kingdom today, the equal adoption of technology excludes many individuals and communities from reaping the fruits of the economy. With the advent of Information, access to knowledge will help the disabled and the family in needs to overcome frequent challenge encountered by disadvantaged families.

We provide with the following Services & Centres:


· Computer Repairs Services

· Advice Information Guidance Services

· Training Centre Services

· Employment Services

· Radio & TV Show Services

· Young people & Adults Rehabilitation Services


· ESOL (English for Speakers of Other Languages)


· MULTIMEDIA (Video editing, Web design)

· Foreign Languages (French and Spanish)

· Music industry