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Family Restoration Centre provides support services in the UK and in Africa, particularly in Cameroon (FARESA) and Ivory Coast (FARECI).

In education, FARESA engages itself into projects like building classrooms, supplying classroom equipments like desks, teaching chalk, black boards, textbooks, hiring a qualified teacher, offering scholarships particular to girls, etc. Currently, FARESA is engaged in building classes and equipping GTC Kulabei, a school built by the community to ensure that youths and girls in the neigbouring villages gain secondary education in Business Management, accounting, mechanics and electricity.


The role, status and position of women has not been static through the ages but has actually ranged from what is mentioned to have been one of freedom and a position of importance to the other extreme of considerable subservience.

We Promote

Promoting the youth welfare remains among the top priorities of Farescen in extending official development assistance.

We Provide

We provide moral and spiritual support by counselling families in all king of domestic issues (i.e. violence, gang, sexe offender, drug and abuse).

We Organise

We organise annual special events, workshops and group talks to bring an awareness on domestic problems and youth issues.

We Care

We care for the disable young people who are considered to be at higher risk of disability and also care for the disadvantaged families.

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